About GirlBoss




Hello,I am Tine, aka VikingPrincess, aka VP!

I am born and raised in Norway, but recently received my permanent residency card in Canada.


I have been gaming all my life and streaming on Twitch since November 2017, streaming almost exclusively PUBG since Day 1.


I absolutely love the Battle Royale genre and PUBG.  Competitive play offers something that pubs do not - being more demanding on strategy, knowledge and skill outside of hitting your targets. 


It is with pleasure and honor that I am a part of this team, encouraging more female competitive players to come together. I can't wait to see how far we can all go <3




Hey guys! I am Erica aka EricaAmerica!


I live on the West Coast of the USA. I am a mom to 4 babies, a wife, and a part-time nurse. 


I have been playing video games my entire life, but just recently moved from console to PC in April 2018. I started streaming on Twitch in May 2018. Currently I play a lot of PUBG and love it so much! I also recently joined Pyro Gaming's Stream Team.


Another fun fact, I play with an inverted mouse on PC which apparently makes me a Unicorn in the PC gaming world. Inverted Gamers Unite!


I am so happy to be the co-organizer for this awesome tournament. Seeing the female PUBG community come together to support this event has been truly incredible. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Erica left GirlBoss in April 2020 due to family commitments 


GirlBoss was created to fill a gap in the competitive gaming community. In 2019 there was a shortage of tournaments that encouraged women without prior esport experience to feel comfortable playing in. We therefore started a PUBG (Playerunknown Battlegrounds)  tournament in May 2019 where the circle-settings are the same as on the higher competitive levels, but the loot tables are increased to reduce the stress of not finding a good load-out and to make it possible for players to find save drop locations. The tournament was very well received, and our second tournament filled in less than 8 hours, and the third in less than one! This made it clear that this was something the gaming community wanted, and needed.


After each tournament our inboxes are full of messages from players letting us know how grateful they are for Girlboss and how much it means to them to finally have a tournament they feel is inclusive for all, is enjoyable to play in, and gives them something to look forward to each month. It is encouraging these players to work harder during the 4 weeks in between tournaments, to get better, to up their gameplay. Fall 2019 several ladies made the step from GirlBoss and community tournaments to regularly participate in NA Pro Scrims. We have seen the creation of the all-female team Fragalicious, and more female players are taking the next step in their esport career following participation in GirlBoss.

In February 2020 we expanded the tournament series to include a squad tournament as well, with the exact same settings as the PUBG Global Series. We hope that this addition will further bridge the gap between casual and competitive players.


Here are direct quote from our players:


“ This tourney seems to have brought out a lot of passion from the people who play in it. $50 for first place? That's not what its stemming from. This is an event that was created by two women who love the game. And they're encouraging other women to come together and compete, because we also love the game. “

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What is the vision for GirlBoss in the future and how you plan to make a difference?