New to competitive PUBG? Or just looking for a good time with your friends?
The GirlBoss Duos tournament is designed to take the stress out of moving from public servers to competitive play. Although it incorporates esports settings, the loot is increased so that you don't have to worry about not getting your favorite gun. The point system is set to reduce overly aggressive play and reward any play-style. Bring your most trusted PUBG partner and give it a go!


We promise you will have a blast!

NEXT TOURNAMENT: Friday Dec. 4th 2020 9 PM EST

How to register:

Tournaments run First Friday of each Month*
Registration open second Monday of the preceding month.
Registration only available through the current site.
To register, you will need the following:
  • Team name and Team hex color code
  • 2-3 letter abbreviation of the team name (i.e., "Team GirlBoss" = TGB)
  • Girlboss in-game name and email address
  • Plus-one in-game name and email address
Team logo submitted via Dropbox (or other image sharing) link

Once registered online, head over to Discord to check-in. Make sure all your team members are there and that they have their roles. Only a female player can complete the check in. Read the "tournament participation" thread for more info.

NOTE: Check-in must be completed 48 hrs after registration to confirm your spot.
  • Breaking of the rules will lead to an immediate disqualification
  • 3 strikes lead to permanent disqualification from the tournament and other events.
  • Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. Any players found engaging in such will be immediately disqualified from tournaments and all future events.


  • eSport circle settings
  • Increased loot
  • Maintain pre-allocated team slot through all games
  • Maps order:
    • Vikendi​
    • Sanhok
    • 1 bonus-round (details to be announced in Discord)
    • Miramar
    • Erangel
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